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La+ch continues suit in house ensemble "CRAVE"

I can't wait for the house movement to finally topple over as the main electronic genre in the states. Sure, we have tropical house as of now, but that seems to be already annoying my fellow music bloggers and musicians alike. We need (in the electronic field) the purity of traditional house music accompanied by true talents in vocals and complementary instrumentation. That can be a highly beneficial switch for the community, and pioneers in the exchange is sideways' group La+ch.

My first encounter with La+ch was back when they released "Nights" in which I highlighted the "high-pitch" achievement of their vocals. Little did I know this would be a common skillset displayed within their tracks, as the self-titled EP that followed confirmed their definition as a falsetto flaunting act. "CRAVE" is just the same, we get the hard-nosed house my close friends and I always rant about, in combination with some of sideways best vocals (Coleman Hell). 

Check out "CRAVE" below and cross your fingers for other acts to follow suit.




  • sideways
  • February 9


Dance · House


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