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Mike Gao brings new funk in youthful "Yo Bae"

If you're a producer, Mike Gao is a well-respected name. For everyone else, he's the music tech genius you've never heard of. Gao is a member of HW&W Recordings and Alpha Pup Records, on top of being an app developer (Polyplayground and Vocal Beater) and finishing his PhD. Instead of running through his resume, though, take a run through his impressive Soundcloud catalogue.

Gao's recent offering includes "Yo Bae," off his bold and vivacious, 14-track LP Migamo, with appearances from Mr. Carmack, Pidjeon, eLan, Goyama, Elaquent, Tek.Lun, and Allie Moves. Despite his technical background, I think this album is intended to earnestly enjoy and appreciate as a fan, rather than, say, a Pitchfork writer.

"Yo Bae," featuring additional chords from HippieSabotage, stands out because the vocal sample is utilized in such a youthfully fun manner. Plus, Gao's percussion is down to the point, from the drum kicks to snares to cymbals. Try not to wave your hands back and forth, when you hear, "Yo baby, yo baby, yoo."

Listen to more of Migamo below, and purchase here:

Wait, there's more! Check out these polychromatic, prismatic 3D websites he's created for "Ramen Hotline" and "Shoemaker."



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