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Grandtheft delivers a drop of "Butterscotch" that's sweeter than honey

Our beloved Canadian Club producer Grandtheft is no stranger to creating club beats laced with his own signature bounce and rhythm that have listeners pining for every intricately crafted build and release. His first release in the New Year, “Butterscotch” is collab with fellow Canadian Lambo and is tightened out and polished club beat with break beat percussion overpowered by an insatiable horn line and vocal hooks to have you fending for a drop of butterscotch. Grandtheft is synonymous with club heaters that make you want to shake and writher with every down beat and this release is no exception. Grantheft is coming in hot in the New Year offering this track for a free download and slew of dates across the US so you can experience the music in person. Check out his full tour dates here and grab a free download below.


Club · Dance · Juke


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