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Bibio shares hip-hop tracks recorded in 2007

 Stephen Wilkinson has always been restless in his productions as Bibio, constantly shifting between folk, ambient, and hip-hop, among other genres.  His Warp releases are surprisingly fluid considering his schizophrenic tendencies, and while hip-hop is never the focus, his J Dilla-inspired beats count among his best moments.  Now Wilkinson gives us four old tracks from the vault, rough drafts recorded back in 2007.  

Strangely, the four new Soundcloud streams are collected under the title Duckula, with the album art borrowed from the cover of classic NES game Duck Hunt.  Duck references aside, the songs are nothing fancy, but still a great opportunity for Bibio's fans to dig deeper into his hip-hop sound. "Take Time" is the highlight, more polished than the rest and bearing his signature sound most clearly, with piano loops and his signature sun-drenched melodies.  "Duckula Carboot Mash" is an eight-minute medley that slides between album tracks and unknown gems.  The whole thing is a bit odd, but we'll take anything we can get from Wilkinson, who's otherwise been in hibernation lately.  Turn these up and dust off the old NES for a couple rounds of Duck Hunt.





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