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Get to know rising European star DíSA through her gorgeous "Cure" video

There's a new Icelandic pop weirdo on the rise, and that's always cause for excitement.  Responsible for diverse acts like The KnifeRobyn, and Cashmere Cat, Scandinavia has been emerging as an important music hub as of late, its many innovations reaching all corners of the globe.  Iceland stands as the most dramatic example of all, a tiny island that has given us a few of the most otherworldly voices in music history, Björk and Sigur Rós.  

The latest Icelander to come on the scene is DíSA, who's also spent time in London and Copenhagen.  Driven by chilly electronic production, DíSA's songs range from potential major hits to more experimental fare.  Her latest track to receive a video, "Cure," is of the first category, a weightless pop tune with an addictive chorus serving as its anchor.  One can't help but imagine her singing it to enormous crowds in the very near future.  The video features blurry textures and aerial bird's-eye views, following the singer as she walks through secluded fields and forests.  Keep an eye on DíSA, her next EP is coming sometime in March.



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