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Watch José González's Visual for "Leaf Off / The Cave"

"Who here is in the mood to celebrate being alive?!"

"Wonder more;" that's a demand I think I'll be keeping in my back pocket. These days I'm fitting with mellow music more, and I'm not sure if it's because of the weather or an increase in critical thinking. All I know is that José González's (former member of Junip) "Leaf Off / The Cave" is spearheading this change in my state.

The singer/songwriter's forthcoming album Vestiges & Claws is out February 17 via Mute, and he just released visuals for the wildfire like single. The video sets in on a Sunday service, wherein the singers are prepping, and the hype man delivers quite the intro to the song. It's a celebration, one in which I can relate to, celebrating the peace and beauty music can provide.

The video transitions through many family photos and the full choir chiming in on the vocals, giving us that homey feeling we all long for. The strumming of the guitar and repetitive vocals remind me of a journey I've never taking, which is a miracle in itself. I love when music can paint a picture or memory you've never experienced before, because that's when the composition becomes an art.

Enjoy José's new video, and be on the watch for that album come next month.


José González

"Leaf Off / The Cave"

  • Mute
  • January 27


Acoustic · Chillout · Easy Listening · Folk · Indie · Videos


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