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Royal's debut 'Cycles' EP encompasses his wide range of sounds [Download]

I've obviously been on that Royal tip since he first came to me back a year ago with his edit of "Fine China". Today I'm extremely excited to share with all of you anxious readers his "summary" of sorts: a debut EP that goes by the label Cycles.

Hit after hit, preaching the young D.C. native's skills has been a breeze. Each track has stuck in my queue like food in a mustache, shamelessly left there for a later date. His music lasts, and it's best served in continuous fashion. "Round Two" came first, then I shared "Passenger", and the hype was undeniable.

I listened to the tape a bit earlier (which really only consumed me with even more anxiety) and the after-thought of the project stuck to my expectations. My favorite was a dual-track composition, "Devil Pt. 1" and "Devil Pt. 2". The combination of the two is a perfect representation of the producer's confidence, and only strengthens my support for him as a modern enthusiast's idea of a quality musician.

Take a listen to the full EP below, and grab the whole thing for free. That's correct, free.


Bass · Dance · Electronic · Pop · Progressive


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