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Fix your gaze upon Nocando's "3rd World Hustle" [Video Premiere]

Besides being a legendary battle rapper, Nocando (pronounced like No-Can-Do) is the co-founder and resident emcee of the infamous Low End Theory, as well as labelhead to HellFyre Club. Last spring, Nocando released his full-length sophomore album, Jimmy The Burnout, and today, we are excited to bring that back with the visuals for “3rd World Hustle.” While he effortlessly flows over Mr. Carmack’s beat, we roll with him through the streets and a masked-heist in a slow-moving, dark chronicle.

Nocando wrote the treatment for this video, which features appearances by Mr. Carmack, Busdriver, Nietche Cortez, Flako Siete, Alpha Uno, and Semi.

The smoke clears and the video ends, but his message still reverberates: “What’s a first world problem to my third world hustle?”

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