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The O'Mys tour through the wild darkness in "Pieces"

The O'Mys are possibly Chicago's best kept secret. While the Second City has been in the midst of a musical renaissance of sorts, most viewers focus their attention on the rising hip hop scene or a small group of R&B artists. Unless you are from the Midwest, you may have never heard their name. However, this self-titled "Psychedelic Soul" band's resume includes collaborations with artists such as Chance the Rapper and Ab-Soul. The O'Mys might still be a local name at the moment, but it doesn't take a lot to see that their talent will be taking them places real soon.

"Pieces" is the latest single from the band's forthcoming Keep The Faith project. Frontman Maceo Haymes vocals will send chills down your spine; his voice is equal parts soulful and spacey. On "Pieces," Haymes' vocals are constantly manipulated—shifting from deep and mournful, to sounding like a yipping chipmunk in the next moment.

The accompanying arrangement is beautiful and worth the price of admission. In the beginning of the "Pieces", only Maceo and a guitar can be heard, giving the track a acoustic lullaby vibe. As time passes, an electric guitar, percussion, and horns join in and wake the song up. 

If you enjoyed "Pieces," The O'Mys have plenty of music ready for you to discover.  You should head over to their soundcloud and pick up their previous albums and get to listening. 

Indie · R&B · Soul


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