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'Let's Fall' into Headless Ghost's feel-good house orbit

When is it ever a bad idea to be caught in the middle of a Headless Ghost listening session? Seems never. Whether you're trying to get yourself moving or simply looking for a smooth unwind, Raphael Gros' work under his celebrated Headless Ghost moniker caters a solid nosh for any house habitué. His music easily makes us move, and the final installment to the trilogy of issues on Tamed Musiq is no exception.  



Let's Fall rides through a tricky threshold that airs a sense of ease from ear to ear all while functioning on its intricate framework. But this is also made, in part, possible by the Deetron and Agnes remix assists.  As Headless Ghost's original rendition proliferates into a snazzy scope of melodically dusky analogue mastership, Deetron lifts the mood with a perky depiction full of bounce. Lastly,  Agnes manages to create something completely new. Laid back at its center, the sultry house mood with added vocal-like samples is a dream come true for those of us who love a soft and moony house tune with plenty of throwback flex. 


Be sure to grab your 12-inch copy of Let's Fall on Tamed Musiq; it's the only solution. 



TMQ007 Artwork

Headless Ghost

Let's Fall

  • Tamed Musiq
  • 12-Jan-2015





Deep House · House


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