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Matt Champion and Jon Waltz plead to not "Burn" them [Download]

The Alive Since Forever collective had a hugely successful year in 2014 due in large part to the acclaimed releases of ASF front man Kevin Abstract. ASF is an incomparable hip-hop collective that's roots can be traced back to the one of the largest online hip-hop forums Kanyetothe, where many of the current members met via online discussion. Birthed from the Internet, ASF has been true to its roots musically as they have made it a point to embed qualities inherent to the Internet in their content as seen in Abstract's "Hell/Heroina" video, which I highly recommend you to watch. Even though the 19 year-old Ian Simpson is leading the charge for ASF, his fellow ASF counterpart, Matt Champion, is on the come up as well as evident from his second single "Burn" featuring Jon Waltz.

"Burn" serves as the ideal introduction for Matt Champion, who navigates the evolving, acoustic yet electronic composition by ASF producers Romil and Frames Janco fluently with his autotune laced croons. After a sultry verse by the ASF artist, the track crosses into poetic interlude from Waltz that brings a fresh cadential element to the track. At the tail end of the track things start to get going as the beat's tempo picks up and becomes a club-ready, funk-infused track.

You can check out Champion's debut single "Die With Me" above and stream "Burn" below.


Matt Champion

"Burn" Feat. Jon Waltz

  • 2014-12-31


Hip-Hop · R&B


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