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BADBADNOTGOOD, Ghostface Killah, and DOOM come together for "Ray Gun"

BADBADNOTGOOD are the jazz influenced trio that's young, fresh, and bringing big names like Ghostface Killah and DOOM, and meshing them with a sound that doesn't totally divert from their original styles, but still manages to get something new and fresh from old veterans in the rap game. 

This time they've brought forth "Ray Gun," a track that stunningly keeps the beat simple, yet raw in a way only a live band could. It's refreshing to hear lyric heavy content, and DOOM and Ghostface are two people that definitely bring this jazzy beat alive. 

Check out the video below, and snag the Ghostface Killah/BADBADNOTGOOD collaborative album on February 24th

Hip-Hop · Jazz Hop · Rap


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