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Lone gives us his new "Life Time Loop" as a gift [Download]

This year Matt Cutler dropped Reality Testing, his new album as Lone, toured all over the place, and concluded by winning DJ Mag's album of the year award.  Now the Nottingham, UK-based producer feels like giving back, sharing an impressive new track, "Life Time Loop," as a free download.

For a "loop," "Life Time" is about as complex as it gets, with a myriad of shifts between sections of suitably chilly melodies and cold, dreamy ambience.  The drums are skittering and restless, never settling into one distinct rhythm for long, proving how meticulous Cutler is even on a non-album track.  As of now there's no word on a forthcoming EP or LP from Lone, but Reality Testing did come out way back in April, so hopefully 2015 will bring something new.  For now, get outside in the snow and put this on repeat.




"Life Time Loop" [Download]


Electronic · Electronica · IDM


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