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Khary Durgans and Rome Fortune lap the competition on "Swim Team" [Video]

His name is Khary fucking Durgans, and it has become apparent that he is here to stay. No longer is he the meek introspective kid rapping on the dock of the bay, watching his competition sail by; instead, he has pulled up his anchor and laid his claim on the wide open waters that is the hip hop game. His latest project, Swim Team, is the result of this new shift in focus. The music is tighter, the rhymes are more bombastic, the energy level is higher, and quality is top notch. Altogether, it is nautical miles ahead of his previous work and a testament to Khary's continued progression. 

Khary has chosen the Rome Fortune assisted "Swim Team" to be his next single and video. Both the song and video are all about the emcee's rapid fire delivery, braggadocio rhymes. Donning Khary's signatures his yellow raincoat and the two rappers trade verses while mobbing with their homies on a roof. If you are a fan of clever one liners and wordplay, this song offers a boatload for you to devour. "When you be putting up like Kobe Bryant, you don't really like to be passing shit," is just a little taste of the tongue-in-cheek humor found in the dense lyrics of their verses.

Rome Fortune comes through and provides a quality verse as usual; Khary and his chemistry is extremely tight. "Swim Team" is a strong song and definitely showcases both of the rapper's talents. The video is a great effort, worth the near four minute investment. Check it out and then pick up the Swim Team, you won't be disappointed.

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