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Maya Danon has got us "Dazed" by how great this track is [Premiere]

 Detroit influenced techno has been slacking on our site a bit lately, so I'm dialing it back with Tel Aviv based artist Maya Danon and his amazing track "Dazed." While by no means a Detroit techno piece entirely, the influence is heavily embedded within the confines of the track. 

The track is what I imagine would have actually been playing in the world of Tron. Electric, magnetic, with sharp lines that would make all gearheads explode with happiness. It's exactly the perfect song for that late night drive under the city lights, or for those that like to get your nightlife in the form of the weirdest, edgiest, parties in town, the kind that doesn't need US EDM music to get the crowd acting strange. 

We managed to snag a quote from the Relish labelhead, Robi Insinna, about the track-

"Since i'm actually pretty busy working on my next E.P. III taken from 6 Album, i could not resist to put that EP out. I really like the idea of doing EPs as it gives a variety of styles and acts, which is something i always liked doing on Relish. I think the Maya Danon track is a very special Club track, a hybrid of New Wave Techno with a nice atmosphere."

 Whatever your use of the song, the track is addicting, and nostalgic, while still maintaining something very 2014. Check out the song below, and snag the entire EP, REP VI, come December 19th via Juno. 


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Maya Danon


  • Relish Recordings
  • December 19, 2014


Dance · Exclusive · Tech House · Techno


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