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King CalLis and Nūberu bāgu take us to 'Brunch (Food For Thought)' [Mixtape]

King CalLis is a breath of fresh air. With 90's era beats and slick rhymes, the North Carolina based rapper might be one of the best artist's we've found in a little while. 

His mixtape Brunch (Food for Thought) is a brilliant delight that will be playing while we light one up for the afternoon. With influences from Slum Village and Common Sense, the mellow vibes and deep lyricism is perfect for the hectic Wednesday. We're also super digging the interest they have in the Japanese new wave movement with the Nūberu bāgu name, which odes to the Nouvelle Vogue movement of the 1950-1970's filmmakers. 

Check out the mixtape below. It is also available for a free download

Hip-Hop · Rap · Soul-Hop


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