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Rogue Vogue remixes Hayley Kiyoko's shadowy pop sparkler "This Side of Paradise"

We first found LA based artist and pop culture staple Hayley Kiyoko's shadowy pop sparkler "This Side of Paradise" when it was released last fall. The original track bears similarities to Lykke Li and Charli XCX but Chicago bred producer Rogue Vogue has really changed the entire soundscape feel. But Kiyoko has the type of vocal presence that transfers into any EDM genre easily even unapologetic, pounding house music. 

This remix just makes me want to dance -preferably in a hot California club- and escape the relationship that I'm confused about. I coined it "shadowy" because there is much more underneath the glowing surface than you'd think. And Rogue Vogue has successfully retained both influences while creating a club ready jam that just sparkles. I probably don't have to tell you that if it's made in in the windy city it's usually quality house. 

Club · Electro House


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  • @roguevoguemusic Thanks for the sweet love!

    Hayley Kiyoko December 9, 2014 1:56 PM Reply

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