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VIMES comes back with their new track "Ential" [Premiere]

German duo VIMES has spent most of this year focusing on their debut album with producer Jochen Naaf, who has worked with other artists like Emeli Sandé and Xul Zolar. Comprised of Azhar Syed and Julian Stetter, VIMES has a sound reminds me a bit of The Postal Service. Singer Azhar Syed’s voice has that same sort of tone as Benjamin Gibbard, but musically they also hit the best of both the indie and electronic worlds. “Ential” is the band’s latest single and it’s one of their strongest efforts to date. The way the music flows and snaps gives it a nice momentum that keeps you hooked throughout the song. Mixed in are these moments of billowing synths that complement the sharpness as the track moves along.

Syed describes “Ential” as a song about life. It focuses on “times when you transcend your own perspective and leave things behind in order to evolve. Of course, you may lose a lot of things on the way, but that’s absolutely fine.” Their latest track is a fine example of VIMES maturing into their sound and finding a place in the world of music. Officially the track will be released via Humming Records on December 12th.




  • Humming Records
  • December 12, 2014


Chillout · Electronic · Exclusive · Indie


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