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Tesla Boy's humorous, documentary style music video for "Keys and Synths"

Fresh off of a premiere in Russia, Tesla Boy continues to make waves in the US with new documentary -or should I say "mockumentary"- style music video about breaking world records in music. To be exact, he sarcastically claims to have played the synth keyboards for 70 hours straight with a tagline of "If there were a synth God, I think he heard me today." "Keys and Synths" is nothing but funny and the neon colored cinematography threw me straight back to the 80's as I watched it. While breaking the world record -in 1987 mind you- Sevidov wears a pristine white shirt, guzzles water and even has the sweat wiped from his forehead by a slender woman's arm. In "Keys and Synths" Tesla Boy owns the current 80's trends that I always thought that they were a bit a head of, and makes us want to drive away in a yellow Pinto blasting his synth marathon on our tape deck in the process. 

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