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Purity Ring makes long-awaited return with new track "Push Pull"

It's been a while since Canadian duo Purity Ring released their fantastic debut album, Shrines. Since then, they've been keeping pretty busy with touring and collaborations, most notably with Jon HopkinsDanny Brown, and Ab-Soul. They also released a memorable Soulja Boy cover.  Still, I know I'm not the only one who was starting to wonder when they'd be back with new stuff of their own.

Shrines didn't come out in the traditional way, with the album announcement and first single being released fairly close together.  They instead chose to to tease us for quite a while, gaining buzz on the strength of their first two singles "Ungirthed" and "Lofticries" for over a year.  Now they might be enacting the same plan, releasing a new track, "Push Pull," with no word on anything beyond it.

"Push Pull" certainly introduces a new angle to Purity Ring's sound; Corrin Roddick's production, which before sounded like Clams Casino-esque synth pop, is now a simple ethereal drone for the most part.  Megan James is a little less abstract and a little more heart-on-her-sleeve this time around.  Most importantly, "Push Pull" is as top-notch as everything that came before it.



Electronic · Indie · Pop


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