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Lido loves you, but "I Love You [Pt.] II" Lazerdisk

Pixelated 8-bits and video game accents aren't newfound concepts for LA-based duo, Lazerdisk. However, the melodic foundation those sounds represent has recently become a substantial focal point in their remixes and original productions. Everything they produce stems from the mentality of childhood in the 1980s and 90s. Rightfully so, since the two are full-fledged nerds when it comes to music, gaming, and everything in between.

Their collaborations and remixes illustrate their tried and true dedication. Today sees their debut on Lido's remixtape for his I Love You EP, entitled I Love You Too. By far one of their best to date, the Lazerdisk remix has every element Chad & Zack have been perfecting since their rebranding. From Lido's crystalized wayside synths and comic book pops to Lazerdisk's heyday 8bit chiptune vibes, the two artists are a perfect match.

You can grab the first version of I Love You Too on Amazon and iTunes, or if you're daring enough to make some music yourself, play the sheet music and grab the full extended version of the remix album for free. You can also catch Lazerdisk on their European tour between January and February of 2015.


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