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Gathaspar's 'Vaporizer' EP invites us on an exploration of surreal soundscapes

The head of his own self-proclaimed  "mystical electronic movement" brings us another phenomenal EP  that will have you following this resistance against mediocre electronic music if you haven't already done so. Producing music from his home base in Poland, Gathaspar already quietly established his music among esteemed labels like Thema, Freude Am Tanzen, and now Alessio Mereu's Amam imprint. While he may not have the highest profile in the electronic community, the music he brews together has already landed him deserving gigs at some of the hottest venues and festivals in Europe.


Vaporizer is a heady experiment with two original tracks and three essential remix invitations that feature interpretations by Lowtec, Tobias., and Alessio Mereu himself. Textures run free and unfettered all through out  as each individual track takes on a new life form of its own. As Ostgut Ton's  Tobias. presents dark, rigid textures, Mereu also rewords the experimentally enriched title track into a slow-forming psyche trip worth a special listen through your headphones. Additionally, Workshop's masterind – Lowtec – provides, perhaps, the most impressive remix of the three with his granular take on "Ocelot29", which sees his chord work reinvent the already flowy track into an irresistibly enchanting tune.


Grab Vaporizer on wax before pressings run out – you won't regret it.








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