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Mirakle starts his "Weekly Wonders" with "Dopeboy" (Prod. by FSHTCK)

I like being on the same page as the people who read my articles. So, if you read that producer name and chuckled softly to yourself, then good. We're on the right path to enjoying this one.

Really stoked to show you a new track and video by Vienna native Mirakle, a guy with the flow of Vic Mensa and the style of Left Boy. I'm excited not only for this kid's future Weekly Wonders (as he calls his brand new venture to release visuals weekly), but for his style to rub off on people. I love this new wave of music rolling in and you all should too!

In Mirakle's latest release "Dopeboy" we follow the emcee from what seems to be a casual upload of the track on his laptop, to a stroll through the park. He meets up with a few friends on the way, and finally plants himself behind a sausage vendor across the way. Even though we leave him in a red apron serving up a greasy dog, you still have the urge to ask how he's so smooth. I'm not positive, but I believe he just coined a new aura. Enjoy the video below:


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