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Clameres takes us away with 'Sphere/Weightlessness' EP

This year, a newcomer in progressive has emerged out of Russia, Clameres, with releases such as “Cross Fire” and “Stellar Wind” as well as remixes for the likes of Solid Stone and Soundprank. This week, Clameres is back with the release of his Sphere/Weightlessness EP.

The first track, “Sphere,” is a truly atmospheric one right from the beginning, with heavily reverbed synths and a ballooning bass line setting the tone. All of the distortion leads to sense of transportation of the listener to a truly chill, progressive plane, while the breakdown in the middle of the track is extraordinarily beautiful and adds volumes to the listening experience.

The second track, “Weightlessness,” has a slightly more abstract sound, with higher notes seemingly coming in from all sides, creating a wind like effect, while a groovy bass line anchors the track. Clameres uses heavily reverbed and ballooning synths to create a real sense of “Weightlessness” and an infectious riff.

This truly is an EP you will not want to miss. Out on Silk Textures today, you can pick up a copy on Beatport




Sphere/Weightlessness EP

  • Silk Textures
  • 11/25/14



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