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Lost In Tundra captures aural nostalgia in "Photograph" [Premiere]

Lost In Tundra (formerly Tundra) made their official debut back in June with “Tiger.” The dark, mysterious track took off with the blog world, leaving us craving more from the London-based duo and their retro new wave sound. Coming together over their obvious love for dark electronic music, 80s pop, and trip hop, Fred and Harrison of Lost In Tundra meld their appreciation into a soundscape of synths and bleak vocals that they can call their own.

EARMILK is proud to bring you the first taste of Lost In Tundra’s new track “Photograph,” which will serve as the B-side to a release with “Tiger.” It’s not as dark as “Tiger,” but it is still shadowed by a haze of melancholy. “Photograph” feels like you’re floating on a river of synths. It’s a slow, swaying track that sort of drifts along as the instrumentation and vocals pass by. So, sit back, relax, and a enjoy your ride with Lost In Tundra.


Lost In Tundra


  • Rattlepop Records
  • December 8, 2014


Exclusive · Indie · New Wave · Synth Pop


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