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Kid Moxie unleashes new "Lacuna" video

We're getting closer and closer to the release of Kid Moxie's new LP, 1888.  The Greek born, L.A.-based singer Elena Charbila has already shared three tracks from the album - "Lacuna," "Museum Motel," and "Mysteries of Love" - and now she's teamed up with director ZAN TOT for a striking "Lacuna" music video.

"Lacuna" is the most pop-oriented of 1888's tracks so far, combining a Ladytron-esque synth pulse with Kid Moxie's bilingual vocal performance.  Charbila is also a rising actress, so it's no surprise she's in front of the camera in the video.  She wanders through a forest and an abandoned building, seemingly a bit paranoid about some unseen presence.  1888 drops on Dec. 2, with contributions from The Gaslamp Killer, The Souless Party, and big time film composers Angelo Badalamenti and Clint Mansell.



Kid Moxie

"Lacuna" [Music Video]

  • Undo / EMI
  • '1888' out 12/2/2014


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