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Pat Lok brings the heat with "Could Be Mine Remixes", featuring Wantigga, Chores, and Red Milk

Last summer, we reviewed Vancouver-based DJ Pat Lok's Sirma remix.  Lok's passion for music is obvious - over the past couple of years, he has released consistent original productions and reworks of artists from AlunaGeorge to Olympic Ayres.  With the addition of house beats and synths, Lok makes great songs dance floor friendly in his signature style.  

Featuring the smooth vocals of Nashville-based musician Patrick Baker, Lok's latest effort, Could Be Mine Remixes showcases quality production work by Wantigga, Chores, and Red Milk.  While the original was released in June 2014 via Kastle's label, Symbols, all tracks included in the remix package are available for free download.  

The remixes featured on the EP vary in style, each showcasing different qualities of the ambient house-based original song.  Red Milk, who hails from Lithuania, creates a slow build with trap influences, while Chores, a duo from New Zealand, craft a synth-heavy version, with an energetic, driving beat.  Finally, Dutch producer Wantigga's take showcases Baker's soulful singing while dropping some thumping bass.

Stream Could Be Mine Remixes on Soundcloud and check out Pat Lok on social media below. 


"Could Be Mine Remixes"

Pat Lok

  • Symbols Recordings
  • November 20, 2014


Dance · Electronic


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