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LeMoti breathe life into bass music with "Hush Money" [Premiere]

Bass music has been through a bit of a renaissance recently. Dubstep exploded in the US in the late 2000’s, then that progressed into trap music. All of sudden it seemed as though the majority of folks jumped the bass brigade and shimmied on to the house wagon. Now people are laying four on the floor beats with languorous drones and calling it “innovative” and “modern” and “progressive.” Thankfully two renegades hailing from Pittsburgh named LeMoti are still out to prove that bass music is alive and evolving in the most organic and stunning way possible. Notes of PANTyRAID’s melodic bass structures and the invigorating groove of an Pretty Light’s Music artist tinge their latest single “Hush Money.” Hush Money is the lead single off their debut EP with the same name. If this EP is any indication to what they have cooking in the oven for future then we will gladly take second servings.



Bass · Dance


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