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Get super dark with Darkstorm's "Wu Han" [Premiere]

Bad Taste Records is kind of a litmus test for dark electronic music, if you're the sort of person that's into the label, chances are you've got a rather interesting iTunes sitting in your laptop. Anyways, they are celebrating five years in the game with a compilation and we've managed to snag one of the tracks for you from one of our favorites, and also co-founder of the label, Darkstorm

The artist's song, "Wu Han," is not for the average listener, but the label was always rooted in experimental electronic music that sounds like it could be playing in the fun parts of the underworld, and that isn't always the easiest type of music to hear. What they have in complexity does bring massive amounts of joy to people who love the label however. With drum n bass influences reigning strong here, the track is more than a little complex and challenging to listen. It's masterfully controlled and yet full of energy at the same time. 

The compilation this is on will be the second comp released by the label. Featuring other favorites from Walter Ego, Itoa, Darkstorm, Tony Quattro, Lean Low, Affelaye, B Flat, Louville & Timbah, this is a must for fans of the Sheffield music scene. 

Check it out below! 


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