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BadBadNotGood and Black Milk connect for grimy "Now or Never"

BadBadNotGood have already shown themselves to be one of the most adaptable bands around today; successfully producing for the likes of Odd Future to the Flatbush Zombies, and everyone in between. However, when Converse announced that the Cons EP Vol. 2's second single would be a collaboration between the Toronto Trio and Black Milk, it seemed like the perfect match.

Milk's style compliments the band's natural tendencies. Even though he doesn't necessarily push a cratecentric sound, he has some of the old Detroit Jazz in his soul. So naturally, I assumed they would produce a song reminiscent of the  90's hip hop renaissance era that made me fall in love with the genre. However, what the two deliver is so far from what was expected of them, but still leaves you hoping that they link up together again in the near future. 

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"Now or Never" is aptly compared to being on the corner at midnight, waiting to do some evil to an unsuspecting passerby. It is more "New York State of Mind" than it is "We Got The Jazz"; pure urban anxiety and dark intentions. BBNG and Black Milk's  menacing production nudge listeners through seedy alleyways and the underbelly of a crime infested city. The kicks peak out around corners at every turn, while the keys scamper ahead mocking and begging you to look their way. It all screams "You Do Not Want To Be Here."

Black Milk's vocals don't make it any better, when he is literally telling you that  this "Now or Never" soundtracks Gotham's illicit activities. For every optimistic bar he drops, there are two or three that worship the depravity of it all. "By some N*ggas that don't care, they probably ride on you mother/ ride and I have you scared to come outside, you don't wanna." Everything Milk spits is in an emotionless fashion, which adds a weightiness to his lyrics.

Black Milk and BadBadNotGood out did themselves on "Now or Never." If you haven't checked their older music out, you should head over to their Soundcloud pages. 

Hip-Hop · Rap · Trip-Hop


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