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Robs and Duke remix Buraka Som Sistema's "Vuvuzela" [Premiere]

Buraka Som Sistema came back with full force earlier this year, and their third studio album highlights that this group of eclectic, creative, fun-loving artists are not stopping any time soon. With a couple of addicting and vibrant music videos that match their energy-pumping tracks, Buraka was certainly one of the best dance albums out in 2014. 

They're releasing a remix EP that features their songs under a new creative direction, and today we've got a super awesome remix from Rob's and Duke that only adds fire to the heat that is "Vuvuzela," the second single off the album. The track itself was already full of power, energy, and was a breath of fresh air that screamed "We're back!" to the world. With this remix, the song has become even more festival friendly, zoning in on why the drop of the original was so perfect. 

Any DJ's that are out there playing festivals or high energy shows any time soon probably want to snag this track. The Enchufada label (in which this is getting released through) is still getting massively slept on for absolutely no reason, and this would be a great secret weapon for anyone trying to be ahead of the curve.

Check out the track below, and also watch the music video for the original. 


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