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La Roux's "Kiss And Not Tell" gets a remix from Cherry Cherry Boom Boom [Premiere]

La Roux finally cruised back onto the scene this year with a sophomore album, the highly anticipated Trouble In Paradise. One of my personal favorite tracks on the album “Kiss And Not Tell” boasts a cheery, carefree spirit to encourage its namesake. Today, California-based producer Cherry Cherry Boom Boom dropped off his remix for us to debut. It stays true to the charm of the original but strips out some of the percussion so that your ears focus on the synths propelling the track.

This isn’t the first La Roux remix for Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. His “Uptight Downtown” remix took the original mix in a darker direction with deeper synths that pulsate behind Elly Jackson’s voice. Where that remix was a bit moody, this "Trouble In Paradise" remix is light and upbeat with mainly jumpy, staccato shots of synths. Check it out his remix below.

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