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Somonehad2doit emerges with a hip hop house Kanye West mash, "Deep/Slaves/Mercy" [Download]

With the internet's viral nature, finding new music can feel ingenuine at times. Hell, sometimes the act of discovering a new artist is so fleeting that the whole act of discovering it loses its accompanying adrenaline. Then, there are artists who pop out of nowhere, hitting the internet with a big boom; their music catching on so fast that we've got to hold on to make sure we don't miss it. That's the case with Someonehad2doit's first emergence on Soundcloud: a mash up of a few of Kanye West's greatest hits, "New Slaves" and "Mercy," and an original house beat. It's a track that really makes us wonder, "Why hadn't someone done this before?" It's genius, so check it out below as we await to hear more from and about this artist. 

Dance · House


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