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Twinztrack crafts entrancing "Dunes"

Twinztrack is one of those severely “slept on” artists, because these two French boys have been killing it from day one. From the moment I heard their first release, “Get me doe,” a remix of 2 Chainz, I knew that I found an artist I could depend on for just, simply, Dope music (with a capital D). Twinztrack have a way with hip-hop instrumentals and samples that engenders supernaturally good vibes. If you run through the delightful dozen of remixes and beats they’ve dropped, you’ll see that this praise is completely warranted.

If you’ve been craving some new heat to add to those playlists for the drive to work or for kickbacks with the homies, look no further. Twinztrack’s most recent release, “Dunes,” is this hypnotic haze of onomatopoeias. The clinks, pings, bangs, booms, and ratatats come together flawlessly in their harmonious arrangement. You can expect the good tunes to keep rolling in, so be sure to follow them on their socials!

For more indulgence, check out their fresh mix for Gruntmag!



Bass · Dance · Electronic · Future Beat · Trap


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