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Watch Jez Dior buck with the best of them in "Leather" [Video Premiere]

If you've ever seen a rodeo cowboy holding on for dear life, you'd know that they're not exactly on easy street. These riders flirt with disaster, knowing that their lives could end at any given moment. Sometimes they live to tell the tale and other times they don't. But much like the cowboy and the horse, I feel like "Leather" from Jez Dior is a perfect metaphor for all musicians and their work. The industry will maneuver in an unpredictable manner, but it's important for the artist to roll with the punches and keep at it if they want to succeed.  

Visually, "Leather" is simply stunning. Shots of Dior rapping between slow motion footage of bucking horses make the video a feast for the eyes, while the Danny Score produced beat pairs well with his moody style of grunge rap. According to Jez, "Leather" is the 2nd single to his upcoming EP The Funeral, which drops next week, so keep an eye out for that one.   

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The Funeral

  • November 11th, 2014


Grunge · Hip-Hop · Indie · Music Videos · Rap


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