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Whiiite goes Future1Hundred on Makj & M35's "Revolution" [Download]

The Roland TR-909 was a revolution in 1984, giving way to a 16 step sequencer & a realistic drum-kit like no other it helped break ground into the uncharted waters of techno & acid. It was a famous piece of technology that had its moment in dance tech history but will never be forgotten for being such a game changer. Makj & M35 played off this historic significance with their release of "Revolution" in late 2013, a huge collaboration to honor a catalyst in early house production. One year later Whiiite has honored that same theme of flipping the script and once again changed it all with his signature Futrure1hundred remix of this main stage classic.      

Revolution, 909... That timeless line plays into the intro of this re-work as the song begins to take a deep breath, gaining anticipation and big room power. Not taking any energy away from the original, Whiiite simply uses it to his advantage blending in his own signature trap-esq flow. The drop has almost a house element behind it, but combined with those future 808's the song rides the fence between two genres giving it exponential versatility. Going into the latter part of the remix, things move towards a harder trap sound but don't forget to bring the big room along for the ride. Finishing with a perfectly timed second drop and snare section finish, this song is just too crazy. Overall Whiiite paid the proper tribute to the 909 and absolutely nailed this remix in entirety. 

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Makj & M35

"Revolution" (Whiiite's Future1hundred remix)

  • Self Released
  • November 6th


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Bass · Electro House · Trap


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