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Mumbai Science lay down electronic education in exclusive EARMILK mix [Download]

Seemingly random at first, the name Mumbai Science perfectly describes Maarten Elen and Jonas Kiesekoms, the pair of Belgian producers who have come to symbolize everything right in the electronic industry. Part precision, part experimentation, and wholly unafraid to explore outside the customary borders of what's perceived to be in or out in dance music, the duo released their debut album Déjà Vu earlier this year on the venerable Lektroluv Records. Jumping from "Hivemind" to "Lotus" to "Price Tag", the inventive 11-track collection even sports collaborations from the likes of the brazen Peaches and Mixhell.

Mirroring this blend of sound and artistry, Mumbai Science has prepared an exclusive mixtape for EARMILK that spans new tracks, old works, and everything in between. Of course, there's a bit of Déjà Vu expertly folded in here and the "Whistleblower" with Peaches sees a remix from the able hands of Riton. But, keeping with their mantra as artists and producers, the tape flows from electro to techno with out skipping a beat and finds a middle ground between unrelenting but comforting barrage of bass, blips, and ticks.

The guys will be making it to I Love Techno in Belgium this year. If you haven't seen the lineup, it's no joke. Anyone within 1,000 miles should already have their tickets, and the rest of us can just dream while listening to this exclusive Mumbai Science mix...




Iggy Azalea ft. Rita Ora - Black Wido (Tiga Remix) // Virgin EMI
Mumbai Science ft. Peaches - Whistleblower (Riton remix)
Riton - Dance with moi // Nest
Reset Safari - Lights Out // Blood Music
Neil Landstrumm - Cloud Berries // Because Music
Perc - Pure and Simple (Ben Simms Warehouse remix) // Sleaze Records
Radio SLave - Repeat Myself (Rodhad remix) // Work Them Records
Andrei Morant - Milennium // From 0-1
James Ruskin - Slit // Blueprint Records
Randomer - Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix) // Clone Basement Series
Jimmy Edgar - Decalcify // Ultramajic
Surgeon - Muggerscum Out // Soma Records
Don Rimini - Dance To Chicago (DJ Lil'Tai Ghetto Mental Mix) // Booty Call Records
TWR 72 - One // Float Records
Fjaak - Don't Leave Me // 50 Weapons
Kill Frenzy - All Night Long // Dirtybird Records
Dahni - Black Light // Blood Music



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