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Glastrophobie can't be stopped in his latest remix of 3lau's Acoustic cover of "Red Lights"

Glastrophobie has been knocking each of his releases out of the park, one remix after the other. His most recent project comes to us in the form of reworking Tiësto's hit track "Red Lights," which was previously covered by 3LAU in his acoustic version. Glastrophobie has turned the "Red Lights" acoustic into a much mellower remix that might just strike a chord with you.

The gentle and calming piano notes will carry you into melodies that almost outshine the original elements of the song, yet there is still a nice balance between the changes made by Glastrophobie and the intact portions from Tiësto's original. If you're a fan of both previous versions, there's no doubt that you'll be a fan of this edit too. Make sure that you give the remix a spin below!


Dance · Deep House · House


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