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Get to know MOORS through their self-titled EP

MOORS is a new experimental hip-hop outfit comprised of rising actor/rapper Keith Stanfield, who is best known for starring in the film Short Term 12 &  is currently preparing to play a young Snoop Dogg in the upcoming NWA biopic Straight Outta Compton, and fellow producer HH.

I first took notice of the group back when they dropped some moving visuals for their visceral single "Asphyxiated". The combination of Keith's gloomy but poetic lyrics on top of HH's sullen production was captivating, as the track's emotional depth and heartache is something that has been missing in the hip-hop scene of late. I was delighted to find out that the duo released their debut, self titled MOORS EP on October 28th through Haven Sounds, and are planning to go on a nation-wide tour with James Vincent McMorrow starting this month.

The six track EP is a short but candid introduction to the group's different musical styles, which don't alter all too much on this release. The EP begins with the dreary single "Asphyixiated," which is an odd choice of opener but properly sets the mood for the rest of the project.

The next track, "Gas," is much more uptempo, but deals with just as heavy subject matter as Keith airs out his personal demons and frustrations in lines like, "It's so simple to slip into abyss/ when you can walk hope and the mental are your friends". 

The third track "Fire" is probably the livest in terms of production and Keith's delivery, sounding the most like a traditional hip-hop song complete with bragging and witty wordplay.

The fourth track "Smoke," is a deep introverted cut through which Keith discusses his family problems, relationship issues, alcoholism, and the alienation he faced growing up due to racial discrimination.

The sixth track is an excellent rework of "Gas" produced by veteran beatsmith Daedelus, who turns the bleak cut into a warped, melodic feat. 

The final track is another remix by another LA beat legend Dntel, who turns MOORS' lead single into a sound collage of distorted vocal samples and vintage soundscapes. 

Check out the full project on their soundcloud, and be sure to check out MOORS when they go on tour this month!




  • Haven Sounds
  • August 29th, 2014


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Glitch-Hop · Hip-Hop · Trip-Hop


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