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Redder's "Let Us Get Out" is dark folk/trip-hop that you need to hear

Emerging Finnish electronic act Redder stuns with new single "Let Us Get Out", which is set to be released on their debut album Walk Long Play at the end of November via Cocoa Music. 

"Let Us Get Out" is a dynamic amalgamation of fragile lyrics, and soulful clarinet melodies, following the sound known to their 2013 debut EP Border/Lines.  With a particularly spectral quality, the single acts as a stirring prelude to the LP in its entirety, floating effortlessly in ethereal ambience.

Delving deep into the likes of dark folk and trip-hop, Redder's "Let Us Get Out" places delicacy and distortion all under one roof. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/174052630"]

Ambient · Dark Pop · Electronic · Folk · Trip-Hop


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