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PROM releases nature-bound video for "Flickers"

PROM is a band from Brooklyn. They have a natural appeal to indie rock like no one else. It's rare to hear traditionally produced music anymore, and it seems as though this duo is all about the sounds you make with your hands and an instrument (rather than the wildly popular, computer).

Their new visual for the track "Flickers" demonstrates their "nature-bound" appeal. We center in on a young woman in the middle of the woods, throwing herself to and fro into different impulses of nature. The editing of the video gives us an initially spontaneous setting, then uses a mirroring effect to add organization to the woman's surroundings. I believe it to be a metaphor for their music, as they combine authentic production with a defined purpose.

Take a look at PROM's new video via Crazy Heart Records below, and check out some of the past tracks of theirs that I have shared, here. If you're into CHRVCHES, or perhaps Two Door Cinema Club with a Grizzly Bear twist, then this duo is for you. Enjoy.




  • Crazy Heart Records
  • October 25


Indie · Pop


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