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Madeon prepares for debut album release with "Imperium"

DJ and producer Madeon is perhaps the most respected under-21 act in electronic music.  After conquering the world with his hit "Technicolor" in 2013, the 20-year old French producer has steadily built a strong repertoire of melodic, French-electro inspired dance hits. Now, as he gears up for his debut album release sometime in 2015, he drops another hot single off on our doorsteps. "Imperium" is the fourth potential single released from the album, and it is easily the edgiest of the group. Coming in with an almost industrial, dark synth and grinding bassline, the track is energy personified, with Madeon's deft touch with melodies punctuated by sharp synth stabs. If this (along with the previously released singles) doesn't get you hyped for the album, I'm not sure what will. So check it out below, and make sure you grab yourself a copy.


Dance · Electro House


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  • 'perhaps the most respected act in electronic music'… who is this clown?

    rico October 22, 2014 4:47 PM Reply
    • Thanks for the comment. The article originally said "most respected under-21 act in electronic music" and not just "most respected act in electronic music." Not sure what happened when it went up, but it's been fixed now.

      Ry Smith October 23, 2014 9:02 PM Reply

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