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Live ambience never sounded so good thanks to I'lls

The world of electronic music is stuck in a rut. A harrowing demand for HEAVY HEAVY HEAVY beats that "decimate faces" and "incinerate minds". Why? I mean, I get WHY...but the world needs a balance. That's why ambient and minimal styles exist. No, don't confuse that with elevator music and oversimplified bleep-bloop beats. Far from it! Ambience has been a longstanding tradition in the music culture. It can be made with one instrument or an auditorium filled with a hundred. The sound utilizes space and careful calculation of melodies and rhythms to present a relaxing yet uplifting soundscape. Newcomers I'lls know exactly how to do it.

The three-piece band consisting of Dan Rutman on guitar and synth, Hamish Mitchell on keys, and Simon Lam on drums and vocals got their start in Melbourne. Their most recent release, a two-track EP titled Fifty-Phiphti/Asakusa presents a refreshing live take on ambient beats. Their forward-thinking UK sound plays up the live element while minimizing the use of foreign samples.

Though a mere two tracks, they exemplify the rich, long-standing culture of atmospheric jams set forth by pioneers of the early electronic music movement. Live instruments, emotive and natural sound design, and a minimal aesthetic, I'lls are going far with their lowkey vibe.

Fifty-Phiphti/Asakusa, is available on vinyl and digital download via Solitaire Recordings now.



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