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Ajimal's "Nothing Touches Me" is ambient grandiose pop

Ajimal, a grandiose pop project based out of Newcastle is probably the most heart-wrenching thing you'll hear all week. His most recent offering called "Nothing Touches Me" is set to be released firstly on December 1 via Mono as a split release with fellow act Tessera Skies and secondly on his forthcoming debut record, Childhood. 

Ajimal has described this single to revolve around the "idea of the 'self' and the inability to imagine anything outside one's own sphere of existence". Not only does "Nothing Touches Me" deal with fearlessness and an "inability to imagine death", it also addresses the notion of repetition in generations. 

If you're around the Newcastle area in late November, be sure to check out the single's launch party at Ernest put on by Mono. Previous to that, Ajimal will be playing a free show on October 21 at The Islington in London. 

[soundcloud url="https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/171916285"]

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