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FanBoy emerges out of the deep end with new EP [Exclusive Premiere]

FanBoy has emerged over the last few months with a growing discography of remixes. Now, EARMILK has the first official listen of this duos original work on their self titled debut EP. Currently based out of Montreal and Madrid, these two artists work together to create modern-house masterpieces as they blur the line of deep house and progressive. You can expect to see this EP on iTunes October 21st on RareBeef Records, but for now hear an exclusive stream.

"Give Em" is your classic upbeat feel good track that takes the listener through various moods. The beginning starts progressively until the vocals burst into the structure and a calming melody bridges chords into one vibe.


The third track on this debut EP takes a turn into the groove as female vocals pierce the soundscape over and over along side a sensual beat. This track will have you "Locked In" to FanBoy's EP as they take you on the last half. 


"Round Me" is definitely the most acid sounding song on the entire EP. You're taken around in a hypnotizing rhythm with a high paced bpm. The track speeds up and slow down by easing and building tension until there is a sweeping floor beat.


There is a high intensity conclusion as FanBoy come to terms with this EP on "Without You". The closing feel of FanBoy's debut work, FanBoy, is much more dark than the rest of the work and shows a separate side of this duo. 


"Conjure"  finishes FanBoy and uses a vintage sample that builds ever so smoothly and discretely. It eventually takes a turn on the complex side as FanBoy combine lyrics with a ever moving melody. Easily one of my favourites, this track is a must hear and the last song on EP. 




  • RareBeef Records
  • Oct. 21, 2014



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