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The Beatangers rework Etienne de Crécy's cheeky "Hashtag My Ass" [Premiere]

A legend in his own right and a fixture in electronic's history, Etienne de Crécy continues to produce inventive electro works that propagate his own unique sound. The French artist has a legacy of classic tracks that push beyond the limits of genres and 2014 marks a year where the veteran artist reached out to new fans with his tried and true work."Night (Cut The Crap)" and "Hashtag My Ass" both leveraged a dark, 80s inspired sound, with the first track definitely dipping into an ominous, synth-driven melody, and the latter playing on humorous vocals, almost chiding the digital age we live in.

Regardless of generations, "Hashtag My Ass" finds serious support from a relative newcomer to the scene, The Beatangers. Not much can be found about the French producers, but with tracks on Amine Edge & DANCE's CUFF as well as Sharam Jey's Bunny Tiger not much needs to be said. For this Etienne de Crécy remix, they pick up the original's pace, infuse it with a bit more house, then chop the vocals for a deeper, updated sound. If this is your first introduction to The Beatangers, go check out their Soundcloud for some more good good, as this won't be the last you've heard of them.

Keep an ear out for the October 20th remix pack release, with more support from Miguel Campbell, Twinsmatic and another of our favorites, Jean Tonique.


Etienne de Crécy

"Hashtag My Ass" (The Beatangers Remix)


Dance · Electro · Exclusive


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