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Meramek takes us deep with 'Only You' EP

In the wake of Anjunadeep 06 - the newest Anjunadeep compilation - there has been a steady stream of releases from the venerated label, not the least to be Meramek’s Only You EP this week. Meramek, Oliver Smith’s deep house alias, has been very busy since his inception, releasing the critically acclaimed Feelings EP late last year, remixes for Lancelot and Prides, and now his newest EP.

In “Only You,” the title track, Meramek teams up with Troppixx to deliver warm basslines, dreamy synths, and excellent, airy pads. Coupled with an incredibly infectious vocal hook, the track is deep house bliss, sure to set fire to the dance floor, and a standout on Anjunadeep 06.


With the second track, “Bounce,” Meramek takes a more abstract approach, with heavy bass and crisp percussion leading into dark synth chords that make way for a beautiful breakdown, giving “Bounce” an atmospheric feel with a bouncy minimal groove.


Rounding out the EP is “Stepping Stones,” a club ready track composed of attractive piano chords and rolling percussion into which Meramek splices chopped vocals. This arrangement results in an irresistible groove that deserves a heavy following.


This is one dance friendly, deep house EP that should not be missed.


Meramek only you artwork


Only You EP

  • Anjunadeep
  • 10/13/14
Dance · Deep House


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