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Kill Frenzy puts the dirty in Dirtybird with "All Night Long / No Panties"

Over the past few years, Belguim artist Kill Frenzy has been putting the dirty in Dirtybird Records, with singles like “Make That Booty Clap” and the seductive “For the Ladies,” and he now returns with the explosive single “All Night Long / No Panties” off his upcoming album Taylr Swft.

The first track, “All Night Long,” features a driving bass line sure to light up any dance floor and centers around a repeating vocal loop of “Ride me all night long.” Here, Kill Frenzy mixes it up and treats the vocal loop more like another instrument than vocals, which gives the track a surprisingly forceful feel. “No Panties” is instantly a hit, opening with a narration of numerous female names and a throbbing bass line. When the vocal loop of “Got no panties on” is brought in after each of the names, it is clear that this is another X rated gem from Kill Frenzy.

You can catch Kill Frenzy at HARD Day of the Dead this November 2nd at the last Dirtybird BBQ and grab Taylr Swft this November 3rd. Enjoy the full stream of "All Night Long", followed by snippets of the rest of the forthcoming album.



Kill Frenzy No Panties

Kill Frenzy

All Night Long / No Panties

  • Dirtybird
  • 10/13/14


Dance · Tech House


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