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Juventa brings it all with "SHWDWN"

Over the past couple of years, nineteen-year-old Juventa from the Netherlands has been making waves with his progressive and trance releases, like “Superhuman,” “Things Better Left Unsaid,” and most recently mixing Enhanced Sessions Volume 4 with Estiva. Now, Juventa is back again with “SHWDWN.”

Crisp but light percussion mixed with driving bass lines, harsher synths, and heavily distorted vocals give this track a distinctive festival electro feel that refuses to be abated. However, Juventa also brings in a softer breakdown with beautiful synth melodies, but this lull is short lived, as Juventa soon ratchets back up the energy with a buildup culminating in the proclamation “Let’s turn it up.” Juventa does just that with “SHWDWN,” a high-energy track that simply refuses to slow down.

You can pick up a copy of “SHWDWN” now on Beatport.



Juventa SHWDWN artwork



  • Enhanced Recordings
  • 10/13/14


Dance · Electro · Progressive House


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