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'Natur' calls with Deejay Deer's debut single on Numbers.

Somewhere within the Bavarian wilderness, amid the inner-most intestinal part of the region's forest miles away from Der Großer Arber, resides a new and unheard of producer who resembles Bambi closer than he or she does any other being in electronic music today. This alleged animal goes by the name of Deejay Deer and chooses to  withdraw from city tediousness in order to find a fresh perspective within Bavaria's awe-inspiring scenery. Of course, all of this spiel comes from the folks over at Numbers., who provide us with the only chunks of info available at the moment regarding our four-legged friend. You can choose to believe it or call their bluff, but considering there's no other intel contradicting these claims, we can't fully discredit what they say, right?



Anyway, Natur is the name of the single, and it's clear that although Deejay Deer may be dropping the first release, we are not dealing with a newcomer here. Inclusive of two renditions, one dubs itself the "Natural" mix while the other one is referred to as the "Unnatural" mix. Both contrasting one another greatly, the "Natural" mix comes first with a delightfully juvenescent style reminding me plenty of fellow Bavarian, Matthias Zimmermann. On the flip,  "Unnatural" has a very, er, natural b-side foil exploring creative track arrangement that besprinkles space and grandness to the scene.

With a release this spot-on, we can't wait to hear whatever else Numbers' newest member decides to shoot our way in the (hopefully near) future.




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